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Matthew C

Apr 12, 2010, 9:02:27 AM4/12/10
to Make the Web Faster
Last month, my company released a website accelerator for PHP websites
called Rocket.

As well as automatically amalgamating your css background images into
css sprites, it minifies and compresses css and javascript and caches
the pages. One of the clever things about the background amalgamation
is that it also calculates and re-writes your css to position the
images properly.

It's easy to install - you just drop the folder in your website root
and place a line of code at the top and bottom of your page or
template file. You can also Surround the javascript and css calls with
a line of code to compress and rewrite them. Other than that, none of
your original code is touched - rocket serves up pages with the
improvements in place. This means you can leave comments in code,
manage separate css and javascript files on the server and Rocket will
apply all the speed improvement techniques before serving the content.

The caching is smart too - so you can choose to only apply it to JS or
CSS if you already have a CMS with caching or similar. There is a
built in 'poor mans cron' for those without access to this.

For the most, Rocket addresses the key issues for site optimisation.
In our YSlow tests with and without Rocket the results lept from
around 60% to 100% (Grade D to Grade A).

More information available at

Queries can be sent to to

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