Where are located the major parameters to export?: coherence, velocity...

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Jose Pal

Feb 17, 2022, 5:23:37 AM2/17/22

Dear all,

I tried to export the StaMPS results to a .csv file, but I didn't was successful in exporting a .csv with the common code of matlab, as I commented in this post: 

I am trying to export the typical columns from .mat files.

I think I am close to understanding what variables I should export, however, I would like to verify with you if I am in the correct way.

Otherwise, if you can provide me with a better script to export the time series I thank you.

 From my deductions, I think that:

- the time series of displacements for each interferogram are in the matrix "ph_mm" of the file ps_plot_ts_v-dao.mat. 

 - days of the interferogram (which I then semi-automatically converted in Excel to the format Dyyyymmdd) are in the matrix "day" of the file ps_plot_ts_v-dao.mat. 

 - for coherence I should use the matrix "coh_ps" found in pm2.mat.

 - by one hand,  for mean annual velocity, I think that I can use the second row of the matrix "m" of the mean_v.mat structure. However, for Sentinel 1, I converted it in an Excel sheet from radian/day to mm/year by multiplying by 27.5 (mm/pi)* 365 (d/year). Is this transformation correct?

 - for standard dev, I don't know where I can find it. The first row of the matrix "m" is not exactly the standard deviation of the velocity, it is the master_APS + mean deviation from the model. But I do not understand what does it mean. Can I use this variable as a velocity error? What are its units? How can I interpret this variable with respect to the mean velocity? Can I obtain a daily, monthly or annual standard deviation of the velocity from this variable?

  - On the other hand, I think I found the velocity and standard deviation of the velocity as the matrices mean_v and mean_v_std

Please, can agree or disagree with each of my deductions above?

There is a document where i can find the meaning of each of the exporting results by the StaMPS steps?

Thank you in advance for helping me with this constructive questions.


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