ERROR in psclonlat, pscphase

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Mar 12, 2020, 6:25:50 AM3/12/20
Dear all and Developers,
I encounter the problem that PSpoint was successfully selected  in all patches(pscands.1.ij have value but not zero), however, the lonlat and phase of PSpoint wasnt selected in some patches(the vaule in and pscands.1.ll are zero) .
I guess that it is caused by psclonlat and pscphase , which are used in the step of mt_extract_cands.
I don't figure out how to do because the problem don't exist in some patches.
Does anyone could help me solving this problem? 
Thanks a lot!


Dec 30, 2022, 8:52:07 PM12/30/22
I also meet this question.  I think there are some bugs in the psclonlat and pscdem.   I have tried the sentinel-1 data with a 3-frame size (lines < ~35000), and it works well without zero-value questions.  But, if I try the data in a 4-frame size, there are will be zero-value in the pscands.1.ll and  pscands.1.hgt in the patches whose line number larger than ~35000.  I hope the someone and developer can help to solve this bug, it is important for us to process the large-scale data with Sentinel-1 data. Thanks.
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