Error PS_EST_GAMMA_QUICK Error using : n_trial_warps

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Jose Pal

Mar 30, 2022, 8:50:21 AM3/30/22

I thank if somebody can help me with the following errors when running PS_EST_GAMMA_QUICK

I run several times mt_prep_snap, step 1 and 2 of stamps by using 4 and 9 patches, also deleting all the files generated created from mt_prep_snap process, to start every try with a clear input, but I always get the same error:
Found look angle file
PS_EST_GAMMA_QUICK: n_trial_wraps=0.664205n_trial_wraps=0.650650
PS_EST_GAMMA_QUICK: Initialising random distribution…
Error using :
Colon operands must be real scalars.

Error in ps_topofit (line 31)

Error in ps_est_gamma_quick (line 169)

Error in stamps (line 326)

I am using 34 interferograms, with a subset based on 3 bursts (SW1).
I am using the same MATLAB version that with my first try (5 interferograms), and I only installed StaMPS and all the dependences, also MATLAB, in other computer (always Win 10 64 bits and Ubuntu 18.04).
So, I think is not a problem related to the MATLAB.
Maybe a problem with a kind of input containing no real numbers? or with large data?

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