Red-Eyed Vireo Sept. 24, 2023 Campobello NB

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Carol Muth

Sep 25, 2023, 12:10:18 PMSep 25
to Maine Birds
A Red-eyed (probably) Vireo was on the wet wooded trail between the Roosevelt Cottage visitor center and the Friars Head viewing platform. At a wet spot with Mountain Ash and Apple trees. I could not see the bird but heard rustling. The aged Canon PowerShot Point and Shoot did its thing. I didn't see the bird until I blew up and cropped and there it was, in two photos. 
    It's quite certainly a Red-eyed Vireo, it's common,  it looks like that and we checked Vickery for Vireo migration dates. Nevertheless, the bill looks a little thin, maybe. So, I posted it to iNaturalist where you can take a look and confirm or not. It's tagged Vireo and Campobello NB and my user name is carol-in-maine. I put it  on iNaturalist rather than eBird so I could get feedback.
    Also, FYI,  that trail yesterday was great for flies (Hystricia abrupta!) and wasps on the remaining Asters and I think all three Scotors, Melanitta americana, M.perspicillata, and M.fusca in Friars Head Bay.  I'll post those soon on eBird, I think I have only the M.perspicillata and the M.fusca in the photos but Wally saw one M. americana and also a Common Eider and there is the shadow of a grebe in some of the photos, too faint for ID.  
   Here in Roque Bluffs we still have Ruby-throatd Hummingbirds pausing at the feeder every day and being thwarted by the Bald-Faced Hornets. Fortunately there are still potted flowers blooming on the deck, so every bird gets something, and these Hornets, except for their Queen, will all be dead after the second hard frost.   
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