Oh-No. How to recover from a structural defect

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Jun 15, 2021, 12:10:00 PMJun 15
to mailsmi...@googlegroups.com
So my laptop crashed ("Graphics firmware encountered an
exception") before Mailsmith had finished some of its
behind-the-scenes activities. I performed a Safe Boot, rebooted
and now every time I go to retrieve mail, there are 7 new Error Msgs:

>An error occurred while storing mail.
>A structural defect was found in this database (bad object version). Please contact <sup...@mailsmith.org> for assistance (Application error code 20474).

The messages were retrieved okay the first time I checked after
rebooting but there appear to be some ghost messages haunting my Mailsmithery.

Suggestions anyone?


OS 10.13.6

Patrick Woolsey

Jun 15, 2021, 5:17:40 PMJun 15
to mailsmi...@googlegroups.com
This will most likely do the job:

Cribbing from Chapter 7 "Managing Mail" in the PDF manual
(available at any time via Help -> User Manual):


# Maintaining Mailboxes [page 66]

## Rebuilding Mailboxes

Rebuilding mailboxes is occasionally necessarily if a mailbox
has become corrupted. If you have been advised to rebuild your
mailboxes by technical support:

* Quit Mailsmith, if it is running.

* Re-launch Mailsmith while holding down the Command and
Option keys.

* Mailsmith will present the Rebuild Mailboxes dialog. [[image]]

* Click "Rebuild" to start the rebuild process.

If you do not wish to rebuild, click "Quit" to quit Mailsmith,
or "Continue Startup" to launch Mailsmith without performing a rebuild.



Patrick Woolsey
Bare Bones Software, Inc. <https://www.barebones.com/>
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