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Rich Siegel

Dec 5, 2008, 5:08:42 PM12/5/08
to mailsmi...@googlegroups.com
Good { morning, afternoon, evening },

Thanks to everyone who's taken the 2.2 betas out for a spin. A
new build is available with fixes for a few of the problems that
were reported.

For the benefit of all :-), here is important information that
was circulated with the previous beta releases, and which will
be repeated with all future pre-release builds:

There are several very important considerations, which we ask you to
ponder before downloading and installing this new version:

* Mailsmith 2.2 is not ready for release to the general public. It
is pre-release software, which has not been completely tested or
debugged. We will do our best to fix any bugs that are reported;
but you must acknowledge, at least to yourself, that you are
assuming a certain amount of risk by using this pre-release
version; and that by assuming that risk, you accept all
responsibility for the consequences of doing so.

We do not recommend that you rely on pre-release versions of any
software that your business depends on, and that includes
pre-release versions of Mailsmith.

* Pre-release versions of Mailsmith are UNSUPPORTED. If you have a
problem, please do NOT write to tech support for assistance. See
below for more information.

* Mailsmith 2.2 is NOT for sale. If you are not currently a
Mailsmith customer, and wish to try out the pre-releases running
as a demo, we can't stop you, but you are on your own. If you
are considering purchasing Mailsmith, we recommend that you wait
until 2.2 is officially released and available through our
online store.

* The storage format of mailboxes has changed, and it is NOT
backward-compatible with Mailsmith 2.1.x. Once you start using
Mailsmith 2.2, there is no going back to 2.1.x (or any previous
version, for that matter). We also recommend against trying to
run 2.1 and 2.2 side-by-side. If you are willing to make it
work, more power to you; but we cannot support simultaneous use
of 2.2 and any previous version.

* 2.2 will convert the stored mail from Mailsmith 2.1 ONLY. If you
are using 2.0, you should update to 2.1.5 before installing and
using 2.2. If you are using 1.0 or 1.5, you must upgrade to 2.1
before you can use 2.2.

* If you are a PGP user: Mailsmith 2.2 works with PGP 9. It will
not work with PGP 8. You can download the latest PGP 9 freeware
from PGP, which will work fine.

* Mailsmith 2.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4. We recommend 10.4.11. It
will not run on any version of the OS older than 10.4. It is
compatible with (and supported on) Mac OS X 10.5 and and later.

Because the whole public-beta thing is a departure from our usual
routine, we're making a few adjustments to our usual processes for
bug reporting. With that in mind, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO TECH
nondisclosed beta site, please continue to use the channels that
have been made available to you. If not, please post a description
of your problem to the list, for now. We will announce new
pre-release builds on the list, as well.

Complete change notes for the current pre-release build are below.
Please read them, in their entirety, before downloading, installing,
and/or using Mailsmith 2.2.


version 2.2 (259) (12/5/2008)

*** Note to beta sites: We're getting away from using the old-style
version number convention for pre-release builds. You may have
noticed that we've begun using build numbers in tandem with the
"marketing version number, and beginning now, by fiat :-), we're
switching to using build numbers exclusively for Mailsmith
pre-release builds. So, instead of "2.2b9" for example, it's now
"2.2 (203)". The number in parentheses is the important number to
use when sending in bug reports; this will help us keep better track
of things going forward.


o (none in this build)


∆ In case of a certificate handshake error during SSL
negotiation, we now use the system-supplied GUI for
resolving the problem. This is much more secure and
functional than before.

This means that you may get a certificate alert for server
certificates that you haven't before, or for certs that you
previously accepted using Mailsmith's built-in GUI. THIS IS


- [NFR] Fixed crash which was triggered by certain types of
mailbox damage. [74569]

- [NFR] Fixed a crash which could be triggered by doing a
Select All in the recipient list and then using "Move to
{To, CC, BCC}" from the gear menu. [80579]

- [NFR] Fixed regression in which the Option key didn't work
to suppress the warning when deleting enclosures. [117593]

- Log file entries are now written in UTF-8 so that Console.app
displays non-ASCII characters correctly.

- In the presence of multiple out boxes (as determined by
certain database properties), Mailsmith now prefers the one
with the correct name.


If you are using Mailsmith 2.2 (239) or later, please choose
"Check for Update" to download and install the latest version.
If you are using an older 2.2 prerelease or a pre-2.2 version,
please download the installation disk image from here:


Please use the URL complete; don't try to navigate to any of the
intermediate directories, because you won't be able to see them.


Rich Siegel Bare Bones Software, Inc.
<sie...@barebones.com> <http://www.barebones.com/>

Someday I'll look back on all this and laugh... until they
sedate me.

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