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Nov 1, 2010, 1:53:56 PM11/1/10
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Live from Sony's TGS 2010 press conference

2:04AM We're going to end it on that note, heading out to stretch our
legs before the next press
conference. These Japanese seats are not particular accommodating to
American posteriors. Ja mata!
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2:02AM They're pulling an Oprah here. You get a Move, and YOU get a

2:01AM It sounds like they're winding down... wait, what's this? Swag!

2:01AM Exclusive to the PS3, which apparently is the only system that
can handle the sheer volume of numbskull opponents.

2:00AM Okay, the racing talk is through. On to something even less
exciting: musou games, with Omega Force's Akihiro Suzuki talking about
Shin Sangoku Musou 6.

Samsung Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab to get Sprint ID service
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T-Mobile myTouch redubbed 'myTouch 4G,' landing on November 3rd

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Ooh, Sprint's just going to love this. T-Mobile just announced the
launch details for its latest HSDPA+ handset, with a November 3rd
touchdown date (possibly to go along with new data plans?) and a $200
pricetag (after $50 mail-in rebate). But just to spice things up a
little bit, T-Mobile also swapped names on the phone: what
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Engadget Mobile Podcast 060 - 10.30.2010
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T-Mobile launching data tethering / wireless hotspot plan on Nov. 3rd
for $14.99?
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How would you change Motorola's Droid 2?
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HTC Desire HD vs. EVO 4G... fight! (photos)
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By now you've probably read our Desire HD review and you've seen how
HTC's latest Android flagshipstacks up against its Windows Phone 7
sibling, the HD7. But how does it fare against the original Android
giant, Sprint's EVO 4G? The devices share common displays (4.3-inch
WVGA) and cameras (8 megapixel with dual LED flash) -- but they go

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United States Patent Hotelling , et al United States Patent
Hotelling , et al United States Patent Hotelling , et al

Apple sues Motorola right back over six patents

What, you didn't think Apple was just going to sit around and take it
after Motorola first sued for patent infringement and then asked to
court to declare some 20 of Cupertino's patents weren't applicable to
its products, did you? Apple's fired back with two lawsuits claiming
that Motorola's Android phones, including but not limited to the
Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq, Cliq XT, BackFlip, Devour A555, Devour
i1, and Charm, infringe a total of six multitouch and OS patents. That
would be pretty much par for the course -- you sue me, I sue you --
but there are a couple interesting strategic wrinkles to note:
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Sprint CEO claims WiMAX is here to stay, says Clear's LTE trials were
for potential multi-mode phones
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WIND Mobile picking up BlackBerry Curve 3G, it seems
With their limited footprints and subscriber counts -- and therefore,
clout with manufacturers -- it stands to reason that Canada's nascent
AWS operators would be keen to get in on as many phones designed for
Interactive fiction meets interactive typewriter, pilfers the kingdoms
of Zork (video)
You are standing in an open field as usual, or perhaps you're in the
darkness, likely to be eaten by a grue, but the words aren't etching
their way into your soul from
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Hundred Year Starship Initiative plans to put people on Mars by 2030,
bring them back by... well, never (video)

GameString Adrenalin turns your Google TV into a game streamer, will
WoW your couch (video)
T-Mobile's Galaxy Tab available for preorder at Amazon, costs $699

We played devil's advocate with Verizon's $599 Galaxy Tab, but it
looks like the T-Mobile version of Samsung's Android 2.2 tablet is
going to cost a Benjamin more -- it's ringing up at $699.99 right now
at Amazon unsubsidized. If we were you, we'd wait and see what kind of
deals can be had in-store come November 10th, but if you simply must
have one immediately you'll be able to use it with one of Magenta's
standard mobile broadband plans. $25 a month gets you 200MB with 10-

Better Place's electric taxis coming to SF Bay Area, thanks to $7
million grant

Sagem reveals Binder white label e-reader, SFR's version comes with
free 3G
Heard of the FnacBook, Telecom Italia eBook or Thalia Oyo? It's
looking like they're all one and the same -- a Sagem product called
the Binder with a six-inch SiPix capacitive e-paper touchscreen. It's
also got the standard accelerometer, 2GB of internal flash, a microSD
card slot and support for ePub and PDF, but there's one feature that
sets it apart from the pack

Gucci's 3D glasses up the ante with $225 fashion tag
Perhaps we were being unfair with Oakley's $150 3D shades -- that
company, in fact, just didn't go far enough. Cut to Gucci with
"optically correct" Real D frames of i

Roku previews UI tweaks on the way
Our friends from ZatzNotFunny and Liliputing spotted Roku at a recent
event showing off the next version of software for its media
streamers: version 2.8, which should add several UI improvements
including the updated

iPod foils potential kidnapping attempt in the hands of quick-thinking

Apple's iPod touch can't make cellular calls -- at least, not without
a special case -- but it did look enough like the similar iPhone to
foil one would-be predator. A Delaware suspect asked a 12-year-old
HP Envy 14 Beats Edition no longer available with Dr. Dre endorsed
headphones, results in price drop
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The differences between the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition and the plain ol'
Envy 14 have been primarily aesthetic -- it's got a black Beats
branded lid and red backlit keyboard -- but HP's also included that
set of Monster Beats Solo headphones you see up there. Sadly, that
last differentiator is no longer. We'd heard from a few readers that
their Envy 14 Beats Edition laptops arrived sans headphones, and HP
has confirmed for us that due to "supply constraints" the Dr. Dre Solo
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