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Oct 14, 2016, 3:02:33 PM10/14/16

I have an IMP program that I sometimes use to send emails. I send plain text emails using a monospaced font (New Courier), and it is important to me that the recipient of my email message receive that message in exactly the same format as I typed it in. However, IMP occasionally makes two changes to my outgoing messages; these changes mangle the appearance of the message the receiver gets:

1. Occasionally, line-breaks (i.e. carriage-returns) will be removed by the program.
2. Occasionally, a series of spaces will be eliminated (e.g. I have created a table and spaced out the columns, and the columns are all jumbled in the recipient’s email).

For complicated reasons to do with my recipient’s computer system, I don’t have the option of sending messages in HTML or RTF format.

Is there a way to set IMP so that it sends the plain text message in exactly the format I’ve typed it in?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


Craig Duncan
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