Re: [openssl-dev] [ #4530] [BUG] OpenSSL crash on Windows 10

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Andy Polyakov via RT

Jul 31, 2016, 3:34:11 PM7/31/16

> Hi, our team have been experiencing a crash in some production
> machines (which I cannot reproduce in development machines) caused by
> the libeay32 module in 64 bits Windows 10 machines.
> I was able to create a simple "crash application" and was able to get
> the dump of the crash along with PDB files for both the libeay32.dll
> and the sample application.
> The exception code being thrown is 0xC0000005 (invalid memory access)
> and occurs inside sha1_block_data_order_shaext(), sha1-x86_64.asm,
> line 1435. The version used was 1.0.2g (but older versions also crash
> - the latest dev version from github crash as well).

Oh! Your machines don't seem like something everybody has :-) I mean
SHAEXT-capable CPUs are rare... Anyway, please verify attached patch.

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