sha512_block_data_order in ARM takes ~3k in stack

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Omer Anson

Jul 31, 2013, 10:25:55 AM7/31/13

I apologise if this is the wrong list.

I have cross compiled openssl to ARM (using gcc-4.6 on Ubuntu) - both versions 0.9.8y and versions 1.0.1e. When using objdump to view the result, I see that sha512_block_data_order takes ~3k (2744 in 0.9.8y, and 3464 in 1.0.1e) of stack space.
Since an assembler version is available for this method, this issue is academic. However, I am curious, and a quick google search didn't reveal anything.
I have looked at the C code and did not see something obvious that should cause this. Additionally, the x86 compilation product takes ~1004 (in 1.0.1e) bytes (which also seems much, but only a third of the ARM version).
Has anyone seen this before?
Does anyone know why this happens?

Thank you,
Omer Anson.

Oct 23, 2017, 1:45:22 AM10/23/17
Hi Omer,
Is there any possibility of getting crash due to this 3k memory consumption in ARM device. Basically I am getting lots of crash in this method while running app in iOS device. Do you know anything else regarding this issue ?

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