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Sep 6, 2017, 9:55:18 AM9/6/17
Online printing solutions

By seeing an image or personal photograph, there's something special and inherently pleasing about holding a physical printing. Whether you're into creating a one-of-a-kind image album, hanging prints on the wall, or photo album of your family’s special moments, No need to go outside you can site before desktop and order the print online. Dot2dot is providing online printing solutions to help you in printing them. We are providing reliable online printing services in Malaysia to store their special event photograph or the different services regarding digital printing. The best digital printing models, like our current image printers produce high quality digital printings in online labs.
Online printing solutions in Dot2dot:
The software that we build is to be commercialized for domestic market as well as international. Our intention is to become one of the best market leaders in Malaysia that provides digital printing services. Currently, we are developing an Online Photo book Software Development and also Web to Print Software Development.
1. Online Photo book Software Development:
This online photo book software is the one of the best online printing solutions provided not only to printing Malaysia but to all printing customers. Here we can select template on your choice and different tools are provided to make changes. Once you’re done with your photo book then order through online for digital printing services. Thus here we are providing reliable online printing services in Malaysia at faster rate than ever before.
2. Web to Print Software Development:
Another online printing solution provided by our team is “web to print”, thus this software laid a path to print Malaysia into future trend. In this software, customers can submit the orders online. You can design your own product like t-shirts, mugs, bottles, boxes, books, business cards and many other printed products. They also can create their own shops selling their own products by using their own ideas and creativity. Just we are creating a market place to your creative product in online.
In this we are approaching more number of people in printing Malaysia and also outside. This type of services made us to improve relationship and more interaction with print Malaysia people. If you have simply a net connection you can approach us in online.
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