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Import datas from excel to Mysql

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Jun 26, 2003, 10:52:08 AM6/26/03

I really need your help about the following topic.
I have a database with one table with about 5000 entries and I would
like to import them to my MySQL database which is made with 10 tables.
I am getting worried about the feasibility of the importation. I give
you a simplified example below:

*** Excel Database ****

Firm / Job / Family Name / First Name / Adress / Zip Code /

*** MySQL Database ****

- tblFirm
IdFirm / strName /

- tblJob
IdFirm / IdPerson / strJob /

IdPerson / Family Name / First Name / Adress / Zip Code /

So as you see the problem is in filling the tables tblFirm and tblJob.
Using the import function of MySQL I may be able to import the datas
for tblPerson easily but I don't see how to fill in tblFirm and
tblJob. Is anyone can help me with this? do you think XML can help me
with this.
Thank You very much !!

Apr 20, 2017, 4:05:35 PM4/20/17
Use Excel to SQL online converter- Generates SQL insert script from xlsx , xls , csv files to easy import in MySQL database or MS SQL server.Hope it helps !
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