[Enlightenment-announce] EFL 1.25.0 alpha 1

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Stefan Schmidt

Aug 24, 2020, 8:46:32 AM8/24/20
to enlightenme...@lists.sourceforge.net
With this alpha release we are marking the freeze of development and
start of the stabilization phase for the efl 1.25 release cycle. We hope
to conclude this stabilization with an final release in 3-4 weeks time.
Please give it some testing and report problems to us so we can work
towards a well working release.


* ecore-drm2: Add support for using page_flip_handler2
* ecore-drm2: Add API function to return default depth


* ecore_evas: only define these eina errors once
* exactness: remove no longer needed _evas_new()
* edje - don't set font sizes less than 1
* ecore_evas_x - fix maximize/unmaximize request corner case
* exactness_player: do not test for delay_ms
* evas + gl - fix callback-to-app-changes-state issue with pixel data
* canvas render: don't apply mask if the objects in the map.
* evas_object_textblock: fix to free style properly by edje's
* evas_vg_shape: return NULL in evas_vg_shape_add when the parent of
shape is NULL
* efl_ui_image: fix to call "clicked" smart callback when there is
no img
* ecore-x - ensure we fully look at all xkb events and refresh all binds
* evas_vg_container: return NULL in evas_vg_container_add when the
parent of container is NULL
* ecore thread - feedback threads should not be background threads...
* ecore_evas_wayland_common: keep the backword compatibility for
wayland dnd handler
* edje: fix animation memory leak.
* canvas vg: fix dangling vector containers.
* evas vg: clean up dangling instances
* canvas vg: fix vector file data memory leak.
* evas - csd and wl csd - fix alpha zeroing to avoid framespace junk
* efl gfx_path: fix memory leak.
* evas - genetic update regions smart merge - merge v adjacent regions
* efreet - handle runtime relocation right with default XDG_DATA_DIRS
* efl_ui_image: fixed elm_image_preload_disabled_set api is not
working when it is called before file set
* elm_image: keep backword compatibility for elm_image_file_set API
when setting url file set twice
* efreetd - cache - add more statinfo work around 0 mtime distros
* elm_code: on newline ensure line number visible. (T2798)
* elm_code: cursor visbility fix.
* edje - fix edje_cc mis-re-iding images in image sets
* efl_ui_image: remove the unnecessary code in efl_file_unload
* win - x io errors really just have to exit, so call the iorr cb + exit
* evas - render - dont crash is private data is null
* eina vpath - fix windows ~username handling to only error when used
* efl ui image - fix scal to fill - broken with non-rect src images
* embryo: fix a integer(cell) overflow problem
* elput - support libelogind.so.0 as well as libelogind-shared.so.0
* edje - calce - really respect max image size for img sets
* ecore - don't do anything with heap between fork and exec
* evas - fix deadlock with sw async rendering calling cbs in post flush


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