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Welcome to the (soon to be Former) MailChimp API discussion group!

We are in the process of moving API support off this discussion group and onto our dedicated support team. Please feel free to continue existing threads, but all new API support requests should be sent to

We will also stop using Google Groups to announce API changes. If you'd like to keep up to date on changes made to the API or announcements about new versions, you can subscribe to the API Announce mailing list. If you'd prefer not to give us your email address, you can follow @MailChimp_API on twitter

Questions/discussions concerning MailChimp API development only, please. Anything else will be referred to the knowledgebase or our support staff.

Prior to posting, please search this group's archives and make sure that you've read the proper API docs.

This is a public forum, so don’t post passwords, email addresses, API keys, or anything else that should be kept private. Details will be collected off-list if necessary.

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