Additional upgrade step required to upgrade MailArchiva to V8.11+ from prior versions

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Sep 9, 2022, 5:01:16 AM9/9/22
to MailArchiva
When MailArchiva V8.11 is downloaded and installed over any prior version,  the server may not start. The reason being, the auto update system was changed and now requires autoDeploy and unpackWARS is set to true in Tomcat application server's server.xml file. 

Edit C:\ProgramData\MailArchiva\Tomcat\conf\server.xml (Windows)
Edit /var/opt/mailarchiva/tomcat/conf/server.xml (Linux) 

...and ensure the Host tag is as follows:

<Host appBase="webapps" autoDeploy="true" name="localhost" unpackWARs="true"  startStopThreads="6">

Afterwards, restart MailArchiva for changes to take effect.


Oct 3, 2022, 6:20:32 AM10/3/22
to MailArchiva
Upgrade To MailArchiva V8.11 (Server Won't Start)

See for the complete set of steps to upgrade to V8.11.

Notably, 1) set autoDeploy and unpackWARs to true 2) change the keyPass attribute to keystorePass in Tomcat connector 3) Include secretRequired="false"  in AJP connector

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