A Question about the "Instant Restraint" Cunning Maid Power

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Aug 3, 2010, 10:42:15 PM8/3/10
to Maid RPG
The Cunning Maid Power "Instant Restraint" says "If you win a roll of
Cunning Vs. Athletics, you can restrain someone from doing something
indecent." Does that mean the Maid Power can only be used on a target
who had been attempting something lecherous or perverted, or can it be
used in any situation?

The reason I ask is because the description says that the target must
be trying to do something indecent, yet in the dialogue on page 21
Yugami attempts to use her Instant Restraint Maid Power to tie up
Hizumi, even though she hadn't been doing anything sexual (in fact, it
was Yugami who was trying to be "indecent"). To make it even more
confusing, despite Yugami saying she was using her Instant Restraint
Maid Power, Hizumi declares she will resist with her Will, and neither
Yugami nor Kamiya object to that, which made me think that Yugami
wasn't making a literal use of her Maid Power, just using it to
explain how and why she had a rope.

So what do you think about it?


Jun 17, 2013, 1:44:49 AM6/17/13
to maid...@googlegroups.com
It depends on what the maid veiws as indecent.  It was indecent to Yugami that Hizumi tried to stop her. As for the will roll the GM may allow switching if no one objects.
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