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Monty Williams

Nov 20, 2009, 8:10:46 PM11/20/09
to MagLev Discussion
If you're a serious early adopter or interested in native Ruby object
persistence, give MagLev a try. It currently runs on 64-bit Mac OS X,
Linux, and Solaris x86 operating systems.

You can run it as a standalone Ruby implementation, or connect to it
from any other Ruby as a distributed database that runs Ruby code

It's Alpha, not Beta, so don't expect it to run Rails, or any gem that
requires C extensions. It does run Sinatra, Rack, RubyGems, etc. so we
see the glass as half full. We've put a lot of effort into passing
RubySpecs, and we think you'll find what MagLev does run, it runs

The simplest way to install MagLev is to use the installer at
This installer/updater creates a separate (sub)directory for each new
version of MagLev.

If you want to participate in MagLev development, or just live on the
bleeding edge, you can clone the MagLev github repository, i.e.
git clone git://
To use it, you need to run at least once. After that,
everytime you do a 'git pull' you should run to ensure you
have the corresponding GemStone 3.x binaries. (I'll let you know if
there are 'git only' updates.) Otherwise, you might get version skew
that prevents MagLev from running correctly. You'll have all the
functionality of git, but unless you create a new clone for each
release, you may be unable to revert to an earlier version.

Happy hacking!

-- The MagLev team

Monty Williams

Nov 23, 2009, 9:52:12 PM11/23/09
to MagLev Discussion
I left the all important version number out of this post. There are
more precise instructions at

Monty Williams

Nov 23, 2009, 9:58:11 PM11/23/09
to MagLev Discussion
Oops, that requires you to scroll too far. Use this URL to get
directly to the heart of the matter:

On Nov 23, 6:52 pm, Monty Williams <>
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