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Evan Miller

Mar 13, 2019, 6:34:41 AM3/13/19
Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that Magic Maps 2 will soon coming to macOS Mojave. This is the version major revision since the original Magic Maps was released in 2011.

Click here to pre-order Magic Maps 2 - No commitment required

Here’s what you can expect when Magic Maps 2 is officially released on April 1:

Metal-powered map projections. Panning, zooming, and pinching are all now much smoother and faster. Magic Maps 2 leverages Apple’s Metal technology to run all the map projection computations on your computer’s graphics card (GPU), making your CPU available for other tasks.

Beautiful new Dark Mode. The interface has received a complete overhaul so that you can use Magic Maps 2 in Mojave’s unique Dark Mode. Maps and timelines look great in black, as does the new Earth at Night template. Switch back and forth in System Preferences without restarting the program.

High-definition QuickTime export. See your data evolve in high-def 1080p - labels are now that much sharper and more legible in the movie version.

Custom data ranges. The #1 feature request is here! Now you can click a button and enter in exact cut-off values to define your data buckets. No more clicking steppers until your finger falls off.

Export map legend. The #2 feature request is also here! Include a legend on PDF-exported maps by checking a simple box, like it always should have been.

Lovely new icon. It was time, wasn’t it? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Magic Maps is now green.

Flexible subscription pricing. Magic Maps 2 will be available exclusively on a quarterly or annual subscription basis. Only need it for a semester or two? Use the quarterly plan, and cancel when you no longer need it.

The standard subscription pricing for Magic Maps 2 will be $39.99 / year or $13.99 / quarter. Change plans, or cancel, at any time.

New to Magic Maps? Magic Maps 2 will include a 1-year free trial. The free trial will be a part of the regular App Store download.

Magic Maps 2 requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

On a heartfelt note: I realize subscription pricing is not always a crowd-pleaser. The reality is that it is very difficult to run a sustainable software business on sub-$50 perpetual licenses: believe me, I’ve been doing it for almost 8 years! Moving to subscriptions will allow me to continue to invest in the Magic Maps product and provide a steady stream of new features to the customers. Magic Maps 2 has many, many under-the-hood improvements, and I think you’ll love the updated, Mojave-native software.

To ease the transition to subscriptions, existing Magic Maps customers will get their first year of Magic Maps 2 for only $0.99. That’s the price of a pack of gum, almost a 98% discount! Subsequent years will be billed at the regular subscription price. Instructions for receiving the special discount will be included in the April 1 download.

Ready to check out the big update?

Click here to pre-order Magic Maps 2 - No commitment required

When you pre-order (free of charge), the Magic Maps 2 app will download to your machine on the release date, April 1. You will then have the option to choose a subscription or a one-year free trial (saving, exporting, and printing features are disabled in the trial version).

A final announcement: the original Magic Maps, with OS support back to 10.8 Mountain Lion, will remain available for purchase in the App Store. Because many users cannot upgrade their computers to Mojave, classic Magic Maps will stick around for a while. When Magic Maps 2 is released in April, the price of Magic Maps 1 will increase to $59.99. Please note that Magic Maps 1, which heavily relies on OpenCL, a deprecated Apple technology, may not be supported on future releases of macOS.

Thanks for reading this far — and for your continued support of Magic Maps. I couldn’t do any of this without supportive, Mac-loving, map-making customers. If you have any questions about the new product or pricing, please email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

Get excited for April 1 - I see great features ahead!

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