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Pugsley Al

Oct 17, 2022, 7:44:58 PM10/17/22
to MAEAA Mid-America Electric Auto Association
A friend has a 2004 Prius. There is a red triangle with an ! on the dash that comes on from time to time and the service department could not tell him what it means. it was not on at the last visit to dealer. Any one know what it means?

Al Pugsley

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Billy Croan

Oct 17, 2022, 8:26:44 PM10/17/22
to Pugsley Al, MAEAA Mid-America Electric Auto Association
I think that means your OBD2 scanner is missing. 😜. One of those will tell you what's up.

I enjoy keeping one plugged in my car so when i need it I don't have to go looking for it or worry about the light turning off before I can read the codes.  They should stay in memory, but...... Computers....

I recommend the obdlink mx+

It's pretty small, and it has a battery saver thing so it doesn't run down your 12v.

The same company makes an OBD scanning app and if you have one of their own adapters you have unlimited free access to the advanced diagnostic tools specific to individual year models.

I've got some cheaper older ones I'd give away but they're more complicated to use and don't have an official app. 

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Oct 18, 2022, 12:11:05 AM10/18/22

The red triangle with an exclamation is the master warning light.


The owner's manual says:


If the master warning light comes on, the warning light for the faulty system is highlighted or the message such as "Please press "P" to engage Park." and "The batteries will not be charged if the transaxle is in Neutral N." appears on the multi-information display.


Basically, it is the light that says “hey check your warning lights or look at the multi-information display”.


We actually had something similar in the M1s. An easy to see idiot light to tell you to look at the harder to see idiot lights.


Mike Chancey

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