Body shop?

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Billy Croan

May 21, 2024, 1:12:16 PMMay 21
to MAEAA Mid-America Electric Auto Association
Can anyone recommend a good body shop that isn't going to their their hands up in the air the first moment they see the orange HVDC cables?  

I'm in the Merriam area, and was recently hit by a deer and the sucker hopped away without leaving his insurance info.

No dash LEDs and it tracks straight on the road. But the door doesn't open too well anymore. 

2018 Ford Fusion

May 22, 2024, 9:11:06 AMMay 22
to Billy Croan, MAEAA Mid-America Electric Auto Association
Whitney Collision on Troost routinely repairs Teslas and other EVs.  Bruce Whitney is the owner and a great individual.  

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John Lueders

May 22, 2024, 9:34:44 AMMay 22
to TeslaKen, Billy Croan, Mid-America Electric Automobile Association
Eveland Bros. Body Shop, Inc on 7200 West Frontage Road, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203 does great work.  Their phone # is (913) 262-6050
They repaired my Tesla Model Y and my neighbors Model Y from parking lot collisions.  I highly recommend their work.
John Lueders

May 22, 2024, 5:06:38 PMMay 22
to John Lueders, Billy Croan, Mid-America Electric Automobile Association

Unfortunately, Eveland Brothers overcharges for Tesla repairs to “make up” for their investment in becoming a Tesla certified collision center.  They do this by charging their same maximum rate for everything they do with your car when in their shop and try to get the insurance company to pay for it.   When someone side swiped my door on my Model 3, they wanted over $6000 to fix my car, but State Farm had estimated it at half that amount.  Eveland wanted ME to pay out of pocket and claimed my insurance “wasn’t very good” and that “State Farm is a problem”.


What was going on is that State Farm pays industry average rates for repair work, and those rates and broken up into categories.  For example, metal work might be $150/hour max, but paint might be $125/hour, vacuuming out the interior or changing a light bulb might be $55/hr, etc.


Eveland wanted their max rate which at the time was I think $160/hour for everything related to the repair whether that was body work, paint, vacuuming or sweeping up the shop floor.  State Farm’s estimate was based on industry average rates for all the different work types involved.


Rather than write Eveland a check out of my pocket I went to WHITNEY COLLISION and Bruce fixed my car for about $200 under what State Farm has estimated as he was able to re-use a trim piece.   Rather than keep the $200 himself, he wrote me a check for $200 since they had already been paid by my insurance company.  Who does that?  A shop owned by a concerned owner who does quality work at a fair price as opposed to a shop that bilks insurance companies.

People wonder why their rates keep going up, it is because shops like Eveland run up the cost of repairs on Teslas.


I don’t reward such shops, and my suggestion is that you shouldn’t either.   They may do great work, and your insurance company might pick up the inflated tab, but in the long run we all pay for it when that happens….


Thanks for listening…

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