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MAD FUT 22 Draft & Pack Opener is an unofficial game that builds on the data and structure of the original game, Madfut 22, to give everyone the unique experience of building a dream team. However, its mechanics only revolve around pack opener and trading, without any significant gameplay for everyone. Furthermore, the rewards or data of this game are not related to the original content, and the player cannot convert the data for personal gains.

Draft & Pack Opener uses the same resources and data from the original game, including drop rates or item lists in the shop. However, the density of players’ pack purchases is higher in this version, and they will have a better chance of completing rare collections that they never had in the original game. It also helps players build a potential squad with the cards they collect, creating a compelling premise for development in the original game.

Also, because the content mainly revolves around the pack opening mechanism, players will have a large amount of money, and they can exchange packs for creating a source of income. Meanwhile, they can exchange other cards or items with the system or other players for desired rewards. What’s impressive is that it has a whole system of balancing prices so people can exchange effectively to complete their collection.


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