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MAD FUT 22, the player will not start by controlling the players on the field. Instead, you take the role of a coach by coming up with the right tactics in each match. All tactics must be demonstrated before the game, and the players will automatically act on your instructions during the game. Accordingly, you will start with forming your own team, finding good members, and leading them to the top of glory in their careers.

Initially, you will be offered a number of free packages to start experiencing the game. In these packs are random players, if you’re lucky you can find famous players right from this first opening. However, the appearance rate of the desired players in the free package will hardly meet the players’ expectations. If you want, you can open paid plans divided into different levels. That is silver, gold, racing gold, diamond, the more expensive the package, the better the quality of the player that appears. Use the money earned in each match to own yourself the best quality player packages.

MAD FUT 22 to intense confrontations between players around the world. The community of players in the game is quite large. And you will have the opportunity to compete with talented opponents through the online mode. Here, you will have to take advantage of a lot of features that the game offers to win. It could be building a rich lineup with many different variations, or participating in Draft tournaments to gain insight.

Besides, you can also join Fatal Classic mode if you want to play the game in stages, namely Bronze to Special level. Don’t forget to trade or trade Cards and Packs with other players to improve the quality of your squad. Overall, MAD FUT 22 exploits tactics and intense battles between coaches around the world. So if the squad has quality players but the tactics are not good, you will still receive defeat.


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