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Bill Gallik

Sep 26, 2022, 9:59:56 AMSep 26
to MacVisionaries 📩
I have a question concerning special characters. When placing a quotation mark in an e-mail message via the iPhone the resulting character is a “opening” quotation mark unless the said character follows an existing “opening” such mark; in such case, the inserted character is a “closing” quotation mark.

How can this be done on a MacOS platform?

Better yet, is there a chart somewhere that describes how to “force” a specific special character via the keyboard?

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- Bill from Ino, Wisconsin
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Jonathan Cohn

Sep 28, 2022, 9:52:37 PMSep 28
to 'Donna Goodin' via MacVisionaries
Well, in the text area of the Keyboard panel of System Preferences there are several options.

“(“ “c” “)"  changes to © 
the equivalent with a t will put in a trademark.

For that matter the option key with other alphanumeric keys will produce quite a bit of special characters, for the sighted one can look at the input sources area of system preferences but and press modifier keys to see how they change keyboard input. The accent keys are a bit special for example pressing option-e followed by e gives you é (e accent accuse ) 
MacOS has smart quotes on by default but they might be turned off in mail. While in the text input area pressing vo-shift-M and select substitutions and there you should be able to adjust some things.
Best wishes,

Jonathan Cohn

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