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Sep 9, 2007, 1:45:55 PM9/9/07
to Macs Million
Do you read a lot of long articles or need to write an editorial and
need to summarize an article? Mac OSX has a nice little feature that
works in Safari and with textedit.

Summarizing the contents of documents:

If you have a long document, you can use the Summarize service to see
a summary of the contents. For example, you can use Summarize to get a
short version of a long page on a website.

1. Open the document and select the text you want to summarize.
2. Choose [Application name] menu > Services > Summarize.
3. Select Sentences or Paragraphs to determine how condensed you want
to make the summary.
4. Move the Summary Size slider to further condense or expand the
5. To save the summary as a separate document, choose File > Save As.

If the application you are using doesn't support services, you can
copy the text to a TextEdit document and use the summary service

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