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Apr 14, 2021, 2:59:26 AM4/14/21






Mid-April 2021 Newsletter

Primary schools

Dear Colleagues

In April we celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday! How are you planning to celebrate in your classroom? A fancy dress tea party? Poetry readings and mini performances? Or, ask your learners to do some research on interesting or lesser known facts about Shakespeare. They can report back orally or design a poster to convey the information.

Here is also an interesting website that can be used for oral



Reading / Literature Project

A NOVEL PROJECT has been designed to involve your learners with reading and to encourage appreciation of reading. Suitable for Grade 7 but can be adapted for lower grades.


The resource pack has been divided into two sections:

Ø  Teacher’s section including assessment rubrics, book lists and additional guidelines

Ø  Pages for learners – Catch the Reading Bug!


Learners have to complete a number of tasks:

Ø  Task 1: Prediction

Ø  Oval: Available as a PDF or hard copyTask 2: Summarising the novel – you will need to tell the learners the length of each summary, depending on the level of your class

Ø  Task 3: Character Sketches

Ø  Task 4: Book Review

Ø  Task 5: Prepared reading: oral assessment

Ø  Task 6: Design a new cover for the novel

Ø  Task 7: Quotation Poster



Purchase a PDF from our digital store.
Easy to use: purchase, download and use the material!


MAKING THE GRADE ~ the ‘grown-ups’ guide to going to school


The Making the Grade series provides helpful and practical information for parents of pre-school and primary school children.

Available for Pre-school, Grade R, Grade 1 and Grade 4–6, these invaluable booklets were written by experienced teachers who understand the concerns of parents.

Available in English and Afrikaans.

Why not make the books available for sale at your next parents’ evening or orientation day?

Alternatively, if you are planning virtual meetings, you can direct the parents to our digital site where they are able to purchase the booklet, and download it immediately:    

Please contact us if you have queries about any of our products.


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Address: PO Box 36234, GLOSDERRY, 7702


Celebrating 30 years of Excellence in Education!

Enjoy your break from school! Rest well, and stay safe!

The Macrat Team


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