Trouble building classifier from snippets

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Feb 14, 2016, 1:46:51 AM2/14/16
to Machine Learning Projects for DotNET Developers

In building the chapter 1 classifier, I added components as they were covered in the text.  When I got to the page 24 addition of "Training and Evaluating a Classifier Function"  I ran into a roadblock.
The train function has an error.

Here is the code up to that point
open System.IO                                         //standard #Net library
type Observation = { Label:string; Pixels: int[]}       // create a record (F# specific) essentially an immutable class.  two properties Label and Pixels
type Distance = int[] * int[] -> int
type Classifier = int[] -> string

let toObservation(csvData:string)=                      // notice
    let columns = csvData.Split(',')
    let label = columns.[0]
    let pixels = columns.[1..] |> int
    { Label = label; Pixels = pixels}                      //F# magic.... instantiaes an observation by recognizing that only Observation class has correct signature/properties

let reader path =                                           // create the reader function.  replaces the C# DataReader Class containing the ReadObservations method
    let data = File.ReadAllLines path
    data.[1..]                                              // an indexer!.  here we drop the first element [0] and keep the rest great array slicing
    |> toObservation                              //uses the power of the Array module..complete replacement for the c# Enumerable class much like LINQ

let trainingPath = @"C://users/dennis/OneDrive/Class1/Class1/Data/trainingsample.csv";
let training = reader trainingPath

let manhattanDistance (pixels1,pixels2) = pixels1 pixels2
    |> (fun (x,y) -> abs (x-y))
    |> Array.sum

let train (trainingset:Observation[]) (dist:Distance) =
    let classify (pixels:int[]) =
        |> Array.minBy (fun x -> manhattanDistance x.Pixels pixels)
        |> fun x -> x.Label

In Visual studio Community 2015 I get the error "  Script.fsx(30,34): error FS0003: This value is not a function and cannot be applied"  while, at the same time, a portion of line 33 is underlined in red "manhattanDistance x.Pixels ".  Further in the chapter when the distance function is factored out, and I substitute the structures and functions from page 27.  The problem disappears.

where lines 30:34 define the train function above.   I've re-entered this section several times, to eliminate any possible invisible character problems, but cannot get it to pass the build step.

Not really a problem, but it may discourage some at an early stage of their coding.

Thank you,
Dennis L. Warner

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