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Nov 14, 2011, 2:17:23 AM11/14/11
12 new commits in MacHg:
changeset: 9d388e1af105
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-05 07:50:22
summary: - Update the code overview slightly.
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 89424f7fb445
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-07 10:33:48
summary: - Add a help page for information on searching by keyword, id, or revset.
affected #: 3 files
changeset: c5e508ab0c53
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-07 10:38:13
summary: - Change MacHg version number to 0.9.25
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 732ab0677376
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-07 10:38:26
summary: Added tag latestRelease for changeset c5e508ab0c53
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 3d057cf0454a
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-07 10:38:54
summary: Added tag release0.9.25 for changeset c5e508ab0c53
affected #: 1 file
changeset: a8adc7600d36
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 10:50:15
summary: - Upgrade to Mercurial 2.0.0
affected #: 478 files
changeset: dde06a14ac5c
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 10:40:16
summary: - Reapply Patches needed for MacHg.
affected #: 5 files
changeset: 0c51d31a03df
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 11:33:50
summary: - Update the histedit extension to the latest version.
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 6776e664e390
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 12:07:58
summary: - Change the HistoryEditSheet to add the new option --mess (for edit message.)
affected #: 1 file
changeset: c78083244551
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 16:14:50
summary: - Silence warnings.
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 4421c9be90fe
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-13 16:16:26
summary: - Adjust the history edit sheet dialog for the new capabilities of the mercurial histedit
affected #: 1 file
changeset: 055bf28f74db
user: jfh
date: 2011-11-14 08:16:21
summary: - Make sure we use extensions.hgext.blahblah in place of extensions.blahblah since the
former seems to override the later although both work. This means that the user could
have been setting the extensions.hgext.blahblah in their ~/.hgrc file and that would
override the version that MacHg was trying to use. (Which thus causes problems. Eg the
user might have the histedit extension in their hgrc enabled but then MacHg wouldn't use
it's local modified version of the histedit extension and thus bad things would happen.)
affected #: 9 files

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