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Oct 8, 2011, 9:25:52 AM10/8/11
2 new changesets in MacHg:
changeset: 378b77f648e5
user: jfh
date: 2011-10-08 13:20:32
summary: - Fix issue #184. (MacHg searches harder for the location of FileMerge)
- Look to /Developer/usr/bin/opendiff if /usr/bin/opendiff doesn't exist as it doesn't on
newer installs of the developer tools (No thanks to Apple for that handy change!)
- Ensure that we launch FileMerge at least once if it the workspace manager doesn't think
FIleMerge exists since it hasn't been launched before.
affected #: 2 files (-1 bytes)
changeset: dc8c8ed2e8e3
user: jfh
date: 2011-10-08 13:48:16
summary: - Fix issue #277. Get nicer information printing in the terminal when we launch it.
affected #: 7 files (-1 bytes)

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