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May 27, 2024, 1:36:05 PMMay 27
to MacHACers
I just figured out the solution to a problem I encountered after migrating to a new computer and O/S.  I was unable to open hyperlinks in Excel to folders on the new computer, whereas it works fine on the older O/S (10.13.6) and MS Excel (Mac 2008) application.


At one time Microsoft did not allow space characters (" ") in file names in the path of hyperlinks in Excel files.  To get around this, one had to use "%20".  Later versions allowed both %20 and " ".  

Problem and Solution:
I have a master index file with links to my financial records on my local drive.  My older hyperlinks used the %20, but more recent ones had space characters (" ") in the path names.  After migrating I discovered that some of the hyperlinks failed and after a bit of debugging noticed the links that failed all had the %20 in lieu of a space character.  I edited the hyperlinks, replaced the %20 with a space and everything works again on the new computer.

I still have to put up with the new Microsoft "Potential Security Concern" pop-up, but at least I can get to the folder.  I wish I could flag the folder as "trusted" once and subsequently accesses would bypass the security pop-up.

I don't have a Quora or StackExchange account.  Feel free to distribute to others, but please remove my personal information.



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