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Dennis Kane

Apr 2, 2022, 11:58:28 AM4/2/22
to MacHACers

Don't forget to take advantage of the Government contractor discount. I bought a $1300 MacBook Pro yesterday and got $87 or so dollars off the retail price. I just had to show them some ID or business card associated with Raytheon, but any government contractor will do. A student or teacher ID will get you a student discount, which might be about the same, maybe more. Do not pay full retail.

You can also shop online using the discount.


Michael Tobin

Apr 2, 2022, 12:45:19 PM4/2/22
to MacHACers
Two more points:

  1. There’s very little reason to buy a $1300 MacBook Pro when the $1000 MacBook Air exists. With the exception of one graphics co-processor, they use the same processor. They have the same memory, storage, ports, and except for a slightly brighter backlight, the same display. The Air is a bit thinner, a bit lighter, and due to the wedge design, a good deal less clunky. The Air lacks a fan, which slows it down a bit during heavy workloads, but not significantly. The Air also has the same real function keys that expensive MacBook Pros have.

  1. You can buy refurbished versions of either of these MacBooks for significant discounts. I’ve always had good luck with Apple refurbished products, and the $1000 MacBook Air is currently selling for $850, which is quite a bit more than the government discount that doesn’t apply to refurbished products.

If Dennis finds any of this convincing, he has two weeks to return his purchase for a full refund, and Apple will then turn it into a refurbished product.

Michael Tobin

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Apr 2, 2022, 4:12:43 PM4/2/22
to, MacHACers
Let’s not forget veteran’s discount (Just bought my Studio) You need a copy of your DD256 (Not DD214)

Dennis Kane

Apr 2, 2022, 8:00:39 PM4/2/22
to MacHACers,, MacHACers
All good points, Mike. I bought it for a friend who’s Going on a big trip so there’s a time issue. Also the MacBook Air which had the stock button is still acting a bit wonky. I thought maybe the fan might make it a bit more resilient. I’ve always bought Apple refurbished in the past and been very happy. i’ve had very good luck with for phones too. I wonder if using them to buy a MacBook would make sense?

--Dennis, Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 2, 2022, at 1:12 PM, mccoytest <> wrote:

Let’s not forget veteran’s discount (Just bought my Studio) You need a copy of your DD256 (Not DD214)
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