[Cygwin] Problem reading the repository INI file

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Dec 7, 2009, 11:17:08 AM12/7/09
to Macaulay2
Dear all,
I am subscribing to this group because I have a problem trying to
install Macaulay2 on Windows using Cygwin.
I have download the setup from Cygwin site (1.7 beta version):

I have followed the instruction in setup.html on the download page of
M2, added this repository to Cygwin repository: (I have launched
setup.exe with -X option)


I have selected it but when I click "Next" I receive this error

Parse Errors
http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/Repositories/cygwin/ /setup-2.ini
line 1: syntax error, unexpected LT, expecting $end

Is it possible to fix or I must do install Macaulay2 compiling from
source on Cygwini ?


Dan Grayson

Dec 7, 2009, 3:10:41 PM12/7/09
to Macaulay2
I suggest using cygwin 1.5, which is what we are using, as 1.7 is
still beta. By the way, the error message makes no sense, because
there is no file with the name setup-2.ini in our repository.


Dec 8, 2009, 7:39:12 AM12/8/09
to Macaulay2
Thank you, Gray, for your kind reply.
I try to ask to cygwin support group what means that message. I try
to install Macaulay2 using the 1.5 version of setup.exe.
I've tried with 1.7 because I had already installed it on my machine.


Dec 8, 2009, 8:58:13 PM12/8/09
to Macaulay2
Ok, I have followed instructions in this page:


updating it using the last release of Macaulay2, I have had a problem
with a missing DLL (I have downloaded all packaged listed in the page,
and also other similar packages, for example libreadlines9 to avoid
problem with version used by the last release that I have

The missing DLL is: cyglapack.dll.

After installing this package (lapack) M2 should works.
I report this problem only in the hope that it could be useful to
other people.
Thanks for you support

Output result:

acaulay2, version 1.3.1
ith packages: ConwayPolynomials, Elimination, IntegralClosure,
PrimaryDecomposition, ReesAlgebra, SchurRings,


Dec 8, 2009, 8:59:41 PM12/8/09
to Macaulay2

Daniel R. Grayson

Dec 8, 2009, 9:52:11 PM12/8/09
to maca...@googlegroups.com
Thank you for the feedback. I've updated that old download page, but
still, I'm hoping that "setup.exe", at least in cygwin 1.5, will work
for most people.

marco atzeri

Dec 10, 2009, 8:55:51 AM12/10/09
to Macaulay2
the setup-1.7 currently expect a file setup-2.ini instead of
It will be enough to make a copy of setup.ini and call it setup-2.ini
to make
the repository working also for cygwin-1.7.

However the 1.3.1 package for cygwin have a fault

Macaulay2, version 1.3.1
--file search path directories:
-- /share/Macaulay2/Core/
-- /share/Macaulay2/
(0):[1]: error: can't load setup.m2

the package is not installed in /share but in /usr/share
so M2 is looking for the setup.m2 in the wrong place.

as workaround
$ ln -s /usr/share /share
works, but it will be better to correct the package.


Dan Grayson

Dec 10, 2009, 9:12:58 AM12/10/09
to Macaulay2
Thanks for the advice about setup-2.ini -- I have added a symbolic
link in the repository so it will always appear to be a copy of

About the other problem, where M2 looks for its files in /share
instead of in /usr/share, a better diagnosis is that probably you
have /bin earlier in your PATH environment variable than /usr/bin. I
seem to recall that under cygwin, /usr/bin is identical to /bin (I
think it's done using "mount"), and that is causing your problem.
Here's the explanation. M2 finds its files by locating itself first,
and then looking for its files in the proper relative position. If it
locates itself at /foo/bar/bin/M2 then it will look for its files
under /foo/bar/share/Macaulay2. In your case, /foo/bar/ is replaced
by /.

I recommend putting /usr/bin earlier on your path, like this:

export PATH="/usr/bin:$PATH"


Dec 10, 2009, 4:20:41 PM12/10/09
to Macaulay2
Thank Dan for updating the repository file and thank to Marco that
have helped me also in the cygwin mailing list :-)
Now I have installed the package using setup 1.7 without problem (I
have not tested with X-11, but for the moment I am happy to use it
from cygwin shell).
I have seen that now it start also from the prompt of Windows but I
think that I start it inside cygwin that is its natural environment.
To start it from Windows commandline I have copied the cyglapack.dll
on c:\cygwin\lib\ from c:\cygwin\lib\lapack.
Now I am reading the documentation of Macaulay2 and finally I hope to
use it :-D
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