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Jason Green-Lowe

Jun 14, 2011, 6:48:28 PM6/14/11
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Hi Less Wrongers!

Just writing to remind everybody about tonight's meetup at 7 pm at Mel's Drive-In on Mission St, San Francisco, between 4th & 5th St. It's literally next door to the Green Papaya, where we were meeting last month.

Today's 'theme' will be calibration -- the art of knowing how certain you are. I'll be backing that up with a brand new copy of Wits & Wagers, the award-winning board game that happens to teach exactly that skill. We may try to play at Mel's, or, if it's too crowded, we could move over to the Metreon. Either way, I'll have my phone, and you can call at (954) 464-3040 to find out where we are.

After dinner, everyone is welcome to come back to my place in the Panhandle for free drinks, and, if needed, a place to crash overnight.

I've been late to a couple of meetups after getting stuck in traffic on US-101, for which I apologize, but tonight I'm already in the city, and I promise to pay $10 per minute for every minute that I'm late to everyone who's there in time to catch me. I'll have a big sign that says "Less Wrong -- it's not too late!"

So, bring your friends, and see you there!


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