Lustre 2.1 Released

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Peter Jones

Sep 29, 2011, 7:21:25 PM9/29/11
Hi there

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Lustre 2.1 RC2 has been
declared to be GA. This release can be accessed from the Whamcloud git ( via the 2.1.0 or
v2_1_0_0 tags or else as RPMs from the Whamcloud download site -

This concludes the series of weekly concalls dedicated to this release
and the updates on this mailing list. Updates and discussion relating to
future releases will be published on the general wc-discuss mailing list

For those interested in some additional background information about
this - and other - Lustre releases then you may be interested in this
presentation from the recent EOFS workshop -

Thanks to all the members of the Lustre community who have helped with
this release - either directly through testing and engineering efforts
or indirectly through expressions of support and encouragement.


Lustre 2.1 Release Manager


Release Highlights
-Full RHEL6\CentOS6 support (server and client)
-128TB LUN support

-Nothing was deprecated from the previous Lustre 2.x release (Lustre 2.0)


Known Issues
-LU110 If upgrading from Lustre 1.8.x and running quotas then mdt quota
param is not recognized and must be manually reset.
-LU613 Client lockups could occur while executing binaries from Lustre
-LU721 Potential race exists so that multiple clients write to the same
file in parallel can result in data loss if one client closes the file
after write while other(s) continue the activity

-It is not possible for 2.x clients to work with 1.8 servers, so servers
must be upgraded before/with clients
- Only full device backup/restore/copy (dd) of the MDT filesystem is
functional, file-level backup/restore/copy (tar, rsync, cp) will break
the Object Index (
Section 17.2)

Please log any issues found at

Peter Jones
Whamcloud, Inc.

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