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Subject: Happy Holidays from NOAA SciJinks! 🌨
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What's new at NOAA SciJinks

Patiently Waiting for Snow This Holiday Season? ☃️

Your friends at SciJinks are, too. While we wait for fluffy snowfall and get excited for sledding, snowball fights, and more, let's spend some time together learning about all things chilly! ❄️ 

Snowflakes have quite an adventure before landing on your eyelashes. As snowflakes blow back and forth in the atmosphere, they experience all sorts of changing conditions. The order in which a snowflake experiences changes and how long each set of conditions lasts determines the shape it makes.

That is why you will never find two truly identical snowflakes! It is astronomically unlikely for two snowflakes to experience the same exact of conditions all the way down to the microscopic level. Learn more by clicking around below.

What Is Lake Effect Snow?

What Is the Polar  Vortex?

Create Snowflake Crystals!

What Is an Ice Jam?

Precipitation Simulator

Spread the Word

Do you know someone who might like to learn more about weather? Forward this email to them to make sure they know all about NOAA SciJinks!


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