Great launch day at Snow Ranch!

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Rocket Supplies

Dec 17, 2023, 12:58:36 AM12/17/23
Thank you everyone for coming out to the launch and your help today!

The weather was beautiful with no “W”💨, and there were lots of interesting flights. 🚀

Special thanks to Tom Rouse for getting up early and bringing the trailer out as well as staying until the end to park it back at the ranch house. 
Thanks to Tony Cooper and family for supporting LUNAR with registration, as well as rapper fire LCO launches and a wonderfully successful piñata Rocket. 
Thanks to Dave Smith-Uchida for the afternoon of LCO work, donations and giveaways, and overall keeping the event running smooth. 
Thanks to David Raimondi for working with all the teams and certification flights as well as on site tests for junior level, one and level two.
Thanks for Brian Tursz for helping out overall and the Tetris work on the trailer!
Thanks to Danielle for helping so many solve their rocket problems and running Rocket.Supplies for the day. 
Congratulations to the UC Santa Cruz team for successful static fire tests and launch. Thank you for helping set up and especially for teardown and loading everything up.

Thanks to everyone I missed, we couldn’t do these launches without all of your volunteer help. 

We’re looking forward to another launch in three weeks – January 6. 

Fred Radford

David Smith-Uchida

Dec 17, 2023, 12:48:53 PM12/17/23
Thanks Fred for all your work!

Shoutouts to Jonas Clausen for taking on LCO in the afternoon, Patty Van Campenhout did L1 check-in most of the day.  Brian (sorry, don’t know the last name) took on L1 check-in in the afternoon and Chris (also don’t know the last name) took on forward observer.

Beautiful day, great start to the Snow Ranch season.


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