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Feb 16, 2024, 6:05:46 PMFeb 16
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Subject: Open For A V-Day Poem 🌎❤
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What's new at NOAA SciJinks

Today Is a Lovely Day To Learn!

Valentine's Day came and went, but we wanted to share this wholesome content. On this day of friendship and love, we celebrate the precipitation that falls from above. We celebrate everything from the rain and shine, to the oceans and the pines. Let's learn about the systems of Earth in this newsletter and get to know our home planet a little better!

Click around on the photos and articles curated below to find something new to learn. This month's newsletter includes timely content about atmospheric rivers and storm surge, as well as an all-new simulation. Plus, if you want to explore the common cloud types you might spot in the sky, tap on the valentine below.

What Makes It Rain?

What Is Storm Surge?

What Is El Niño?

Cloud Thickness Simulation

What Is an Atmospheric River?

Spread the Word

Do you know someone who might like to learn more about weather? Forward this email to them to make sure they know all about NOAA SciJinks!


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