AeroPac launch next month

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David Raimondi

Aug 26, 2021, 7:26:01 PM8/26/21
to LUNAR General
AeroPac is sending message about the status of their waver for the XPRS
launch. The following message is from Jim Green:
Fallon uses the Reno MOA for training and our 7 nautical mile waiver
cylinder ends at 2 miles from the edge of the MOA. Our 15 mile cylinder
extends into the MOA. Fallon is using the MOA for a major exercise that is
about 10 days long. The exercise also allows them to burn up the rest of the
money in their budget so that they get the same budget next year. Fallon has
experienced some waiver violations from a rocketry group in Mojave and
doesn't trust any rocketry group anymore to stay within their waiver.
Fallon is flying some big aircraft and doing mid-air refueling during this
exercise and doesn't want to take any chances. The Western Division of FAA
agrees with their decision to limit our altitudes during this exercise. That
said I have just finished negotiating better waivers for us. We can now have
250,000' between 0700 and 0900 each day on 9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/16, 9/17. On
all of those days we will need to drop the altitude to 12,000'MSL after 0900
and then we can raise it to 60,000'MSL on each day after 1800 except for
9/16. Fallon will take the weekend off so we will have our normal 250,000'
between 0900 and 1100 on 9/18 and 9/19. We will have our normal 60,000'
waiver for the times of 0700-0900 and 1100-2200 on 9/18 and 9/19.

So now the lower waiver only affects Friday of XPRS and those hoping to fly
Mon-Thu of ARLISS.


out to LUNAR(tics) that are pal
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