lucene updates for luke (quick and dirty fixes just to make it build and test just use cases I need) + any volunteer to port/move to lucene trunks?

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Ľuboš Koščo

Jun 5, 2013, 4:55:36 AM6/5/13
So I updated lucene in luke for 4.3

fork of code here:

jar file here:
(older ones: - 4.2.1 - note that I will just keep one or two older ones, for our purposes)

anyone wants to pickup
and port to lucene trunk it would be awesome
(and I could kill this fork and lucene guys would take care of luke and skies will be blue and sun will be shining again :) )


Wang Han

Jul 5, 2013, 4:15:16 AM7/5/13
i am very willing to join your work

i have updated luke to support lucene 4.3 just for fun and have pushed it to github

Ľuboš Koščo

Jul 8, 2013, 3:29:04 AM7/8/13
to, Dmitry Kan
Great to hear that

it seems Dmitry(cced) is interested as well and he might lead this effort (so I guess you can sync on next steps)
his repo is here:

and he started moving UI to GWT so aiming for above jira issue - someone however should update it and ping lucene folks
their svn luke fortk is using, but I guess GWT could work too (I'd talk to them to avoid duplicate research)

It would be really cool to finish the port(hence get rid of legal/license issues) and move it to them so they update it whenever new lucene comes out (after all they know lucene the best ;) )

thank you for your interest/help

Andrzej Bialecki

Jul 8, 2013, 5:59:25 AM7/8/13
Hey guys,

It's great to see so many people interested in moving forward with Luke development!

Regarding the Pivot-based version in Lucene sandbox - this was an initial effort by Mark Miller, but it's unlikely that he will continue working on it - it was a side project and his focus is really on SolrCloud development. At the time it seemed that Pivot port would be easier to do because it was sufficiently similar to Thinlet.

However, I think that in practice this didn't matter that much. Luke code should be refactored anyway - now the separation of logic and UI-related code is rather poor, as is the modularity, so most of the code is in the one giant class. This partially came about from the fact that it was always a side-project and I kept adding features without thinking too much about the modularity, but also it was related to the Thinlet programming model and the fact that I'm just a poor GUI programmer ;)

Now that we know pretty well what functionality is useful, and we can get rid of Thinlet and its limitations, there is a chance to restructure the code so that it's easier to maintain and extend. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to join to this work - but by all means let's proceed with this fork. If Dmitry is willing to coordinate and lead the work using his fork then I'm happy to contribute there.

Ultimately, once this port is done, it will probably make sense to move the development back to Apache (as a contrib module) so that Luke always stays in sync with Lucene/Solr.

Best regards,

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Dmitry Kan

Jul 8, 2013, 7:47:32 AM7/8/13
Hello, guys,

Thanks a lot Ľuboš and Andrzej for your support. Andrzej, I have also reached you out on the apache e-mail with what Ľuboš has already pretty much summarized.

The idea behind the fork is (concisely) stated in the file. The main point is of course to make the development more active and give an opportunity to everyone to contribute into the common repository. And yes, the ultimate goal is to contribute this work back to Apache.

While I cannot call myself a GWT expert, this project is a good opportunity to learn the framework. It should fit nicely into the Solr admin as well if Solr folks would be interested in integrating it.

Feel free to join the fork at any time. At this point it compiles and runs with the original thinlet UI. Btw, if somebody wishes to contribute into the project wiki, you are very much encouraged to do so! :)

Best regards,

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