Re: [LUFA Support : 3984] what would it take for me to build the VISX

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Dean Camera

Mar 27, 2013, 2:44:43 PM3/27/13
Hi Mitch,

There hasn't been too many changes that would necessitate a new
package, but I'm fine if you want to do it yourself. All I ask is that
if you choose to make a VSIX package you do not distribute it as an
official release; if you wish to make it generally available, please
edit the UUID so that it is marked as a new product by Studio.

There's an easy way to get upgrades in studio, and a harder way; the
easier way might fit your flow a bit better since it can stay up to
date with the SVN.

**** The easy way: ****
You will need to install the tool "xsltproc", which you can find in
your package manager or online as Windows binaries. Once installed and
added to your system path variable, run "make generate_xml" from the
LUFA/StudioIntegration/ directory of your LUFA checkout. That will do
some various magic, and produce a bunch of XML files at the root.

Next, uninstall the official LUFA release, and then point Atmel Studio
to the root of the LUFA checkout via the Custom ASF Distribution
Restart Studio and enjoy.

To stay up to date sync your SVN, re-run the above command and then use
the Tools->Reload Custom ASF Distribution menu item in studio that will
appear once a custom distribution is set.

**** The hard way: ****

Well, this has a lot more dependencies, but will give you a shiny
installable VSIX. If you don't want to do the above easy way let me
know and I'll explain it here.

- Dean

On Saturday, 23 March 2013 9:53:23 PM, mitchjs wrote:
> Hi dean...
> since the new AS 6.1, I created a few projects with your plugin, so
> far so good... :) :)
> you have done a bunch of updates since its release, I keep up with it
> from SVN
> can I build and update the plugin (visx package), so that the newest
> files are used?
> I cant even find where the extension Is installed at...
> -Mitch
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