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Preston Elrod

Mar 2, 2022, 3:53:21 AM3/2/22
to LUFA Library Support List
Please note: I am very new to this.

I am developing (or at least trying to) a bootloader for the atmega16u2 that can be programmed via AVR dude, have serial conversion and have ISP programming capabilities. 

As that may sound great, my issue is on ground 0. When I upload the CDC class bootloader with a modified inf file, the changes to the VID and PID do not take place. The name of the device as it appears on the device manager is "USB serial device". 

I am using the Atmel studio extension of LUFA. 

I have tried changing the board support to user (thinking it may use the changed inf file or something) but it fails on build (file board/leds.h) bit found.

If anyone has a place to go on how to learn this stuff please let me know, I have searched.

Thank you for reading.


Dean Camera

Mar 5, 2022, 8:37:19 PM3/5/22
to, Preston Elrod

Hi Preston,

Modern Windows requires signed drivers (even if they are just INF files that redirect to the system's pre-signed drivers from Microsoft), so to change the reported name in the Device Manager will require an expensive signing certificate. Since Windows 8 however, Windows will automatically bind any CDC-ACM class device to its internal driver automatically, so the INF isn't really needed unless you want to substitute a custom driver or alter the text strings.

Note that the text description shown in the Device Manager is set by the driver INF (in this case, the presigned built-in one from Microsoft) - the strings returned by the device are ignored. Other systems will respect the device strings and display them accordingly.


- Dean

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