using the at90usb162 vs atmega32u2 usb not working

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sean green

May 31, 2020, 9:37:59 PM5/31/20
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I was able to get lufa flashed to an atmega32u2 on one of the old retired 16u2 dev boards. Like this one

Since apparently the 16u2 is going extinct or at least the breakout boards are, I'm moving to the at90usb162

I grabbed one of these.
I changed my make to at90usb162 but after flashing the lufa via the factory bootlaoder I get "unknown device" installed.

both breakout boards came with an 8MHz that I replaced for 16 and updated the MAKEFILE.

was wondering about this

MCU          = at90usb162 # atmega32u2
ARCH         = AVR8
F_CPU        = 16000000
F_USB        = $(F_CPU)

Not sure why a board type would matter too much here but the one I'm using startusb by sparkfun is not there. all see is " Sparkfun U2 Breakout Board ". Changing it to SPARKFUN8U2 didn't seem to change anything.

Attached an ISP and the fuses match.

Compiled the latest LUFA no change. I flashed the at90usb162 code to my atmega32u2 board and it works (as I figured, these chips are identical for the most part). So I wonder why the startusb avr will not work?

Any thoughts?

sean green

Jun 2, 2020, 6:01:49 PM6/2/20
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turned out to be the board wiring.
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