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jens breitenstein

Dec 30, 2021, 10:28:08 PM12/30/21
to LUFA Library Support List
Hi LUFA users!

I am new to this topic but wonder about the docs, maybe you can help me.
Under "Supported Third Party Boards" I can see PJRC Teensy (1.x and 2.x versions).
Unfortunately Teensy 2.0++ makes use of an AT90USB1286 processor.
According to "Supported Microcontroller Models" AT90USB1286 is not listed as supported model for USB-Host-Devices, but AT90USB647 is, which Teensy does not use.
Same applies to ATMEGA32U4 aka Arduino Pro Micro which also lacks USB-Host support. AT90USBKEY is discontinued and AT90USBKey 2 is very expensive, can buy 2 Raspberry's instead.

Can anyone tell me a development board having a processor model with LUFA-USB-Host support?

Thanks in advance 


Dean Camera

Dec 30, 2021, 10:33:15 PM12/30/21
to, jens breitenstein

The 8-bit USB AVRs are a bit long in the tooth now, and I don't think the host-mode supporting chips ever had much traction.

The last I heard (years ago) was that Atmel stopped production of the AT90USB647 chips in favour of only producing AT90USB1287 chips for applications that needed the host mode, but I haven't seen any development boards using the latter for a long while now.

In general, people are migrating towards more powerful ARM chips if they need USB host mode, as the extra RAM/CPU power is useful in such applications where USB hosting is desirable.

- Dean

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