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DCC send/receive and FBSD 5.1 using IPF/IPNAT

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Mario Freitas

Aug 24, 2003, 1:43:02 PM8/24/03
On Sun, 2003-08-24 at 17:31, Jayel wrote:
> well I searched google and several messages came up with the suggestion of using tircproxy. I then installed tircproxy from ports and ran the configure my setup to use transparent proxy.
> as a test I ran the script (tircproxy -d9 -s 7666 -MILHR -i as suggested by the online manual. The problem with this is that it keeps on saying "CDIR or UDB is not configure in tircproxy.h". I then modified the tircproxy.h to use UDB but I can't compile it.
> any ideas or maybe suggestions that doesn't involve tircproxy. Thanks
> jayel
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Well, you don't need tircproxy at all. You can DCC receive with no
problems since you have NAT enabled. What you can do for DCC send is:

1) force your irc clients (such as xchat, irssi, mirc, others) to
auto-detect (some clients may not support detect option) or choose
yourself your internet address.
2) set a range of DCC ports (some irc clients only support one DCC
port). Note: that range will be your maximum DCC send connections.
3) redirect connections from the external interface on your DCC ports
(those you've chosen on step 2) to the internal address where the client
is running.

Something like (pseudo-rule): protocol tcp from any to <your external
interface address> on port <range of ports> redirect-to <your internal
address> on port <range of ports>

Hope that works, it works for me :)
Mário Freitas (
Núcleo Português de FreeBSD (NPF)

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