Arithmetic with different Time Zones/Day Light Savings

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Fredo XVII

Dec 13, 2018, 12:44:39 PM12/13/18
to lubridate

I have time stamps in different time zones, and I am subtracting (%--%) them to get the interval between the 2 time periods.  

My question is, if the time stamp has the time zone local to the time stamp, when I subtract the time stamp from a location in a different time zone, will %--% account for the differences in time zones?

Will it also account for changes in Day Light Savings time? So for example if my destination is Arizona and my origination is Colorado, will my the duration calculate a similar duration during the day light savings?

Thank you!



Fredo XVII

Dec 13, 2018, 3:29:19 PM12/13/18
to lubridate
I believe I figured it out.  See below:

#UTC duration: "106236s (~1.23 days)", 29.51 hours
ymd_hms("2018-12-01 00:36:18") %--% ymd_hms("2018-12-02 06:06:54") %>% as.duration() / lubridate::dhours(1)

# Local time zones: "109836s (~1.27 days)", 30.51 hours
ymd_hms("2018-12-01 00:36:18",tz = "America/Indiana/Indianapolis") %--% ymd_hms("2018-12-02 06:06:54", tz = "America/Chicago") %>% as.duration() / lubridate::dhours(1)

The local time is the correct duration, so the interval does take into account the time zone.  


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