Problem with installation of LuaVIEW v2.0.0beta-4 (during mass compile)

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Jul 2, 2013, 6:45:42 PM7/2/13
While installing LuaVIEW v2.0.0beta-4, the entire install process seems to go well until the mass compile phase.  I have reproduced this 100% of the time; twice while installing the toolkit to LabVIEW 2011/SP1 (32-bit), once to LabVIEW 2012/SP1 (32-bit), and once to a different machine (also LabVIEW 2011/SP1 (32-bit)).  In ALL of these cases, once VIPM shows that progress has reached the mass compiling of the VI "LuaVIEW", the install process appears to simply stall.  There are no error messages, the install process just seems to never finish; even once after leaving it for 24-hours.

A co-worker had similar experiences as well, except that after trying on a second machine, the mass compile eventually did complete after about 10 minutes or so.  For both of us, the only way to recover from the hung installation was to kill the VIPM process from Window Task Manager.  Upon restarting LabVIEW 2011/SP1, there were no no error messages, and the LuaVIEW toolkit appeared to be installed and working (although I do question if any of my other problem reports might have actually been caused by a faulty (corrupt?) toolkit installation).

At one point, using VIPM, I performed an uninstall of the LuaVIEW v2.0.0beta-4 toolkit, and tried to install v2.0.0beta-3 -- and I got the exact same results (the install hung during [or immediately after the end of] the mass compile phase), although I don't recall seeing this behavior when I INITIALLY installed beta3.
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