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Rolf Kalbermatter

Jan 7, 2013, 5:16:46 AM1/7/13
to lua...@googlegroups.com

Dear LuaVIEW user

We have prepared a new release of the LuaVIEW Toolkit installation package. The main changes are updated shared libraries for Windows and Linux OS with a new expiration date of end of April. In addition the Client-Server framework installer has been added to the downloadable packages.

Send a mail at luaview (at) citengineering.com for the download location and authentication details if you haven't received them yet.

If you haven’t done testing of the LuaVIEW Toolkit Beta I would like to encourage you to do so now. At this stage we can still incorporate fixes and even possibly small improvements.

For those not having done so yet, I would recommend to sign up at the mailing-list under http://groups.google.com/group/luaview. This mailing-list has been created to help LuaVIEW users to communicate with other LuaVIEW users about problems and solutions they encounter. It is also actively monitored by me and I will try to answer posts on there. I would however prefer to receive bug reports directly or through the support email  luaview-bugs (at) citengineering.com

This Beta is still limited to only support LabVIEW for Linux, Windows 32 Bit and Windows 64 Bit. The final release is planned to have MacOSX (x86) support, as well as runtime support for LabVIEW ETS and LabVIEW VxWorks realtime targets.

The final version will also have an addon installation that provides a luavisa, luainterface (.Net) and luacom (ActiveX) binary module to directly interface to those APIs from Lua scripts. An experimental luadaqmx module is also planned. Of course the luainterface and luacom module will be Windows only and luadaqmx will for a start also only be available for Windows.


Rolf Kalbermatter
Test & Measurement Solutions
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