[ANN] Lua Alchemy v0.3.2

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Alexander Gladysh

Mar 23, 2012, 3:46:34 AM3/23/12
to Lua Alchemy Developers, Lua mailing list
Announcing Lua Alchemy v0.3.2 release.

Demo: http://lua-alchemy.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/demo/index.html
Official site: http://code.google.com/p/lua-alchemy/
Sources: https://github.com/lua-alchemy/lua-alchemy/

Lua Alchemy is a MIT-licensed Lua implementation for the Adobe Flash
VM. (More correctly, it is the classic Lua 5.1.4, compiled under Adobe
Alchemy[1], with some pleasant sugar frosting on top.)

One of pleasant features is that with Lua Alchemy you can access
Action Script objects from the Lua code:

local label = as3.class.mx.controls.Label.new()
label.text = "Hello World"

(See more examples in the demo application linked above.)

* * *

What changed:

All SWF that we build are now compatible with Flash Player 11.2.

Unfortunately, to ensure compatibility we had to enforce
SWF format 12 (instead of SWF format 14 that is default
for Flex SDK 4.6).

If you're building a Lua Alchemy demo with earlier Flex SDK that
by some chance does not know yet about SWF format 12, just
change `swf.version.format` variable in `build.xml` to a lower value
(or remove `<swf-version>` tag from `<mxmlc>` tasks).

Note that lua-alchemy.swc itself should be SWF-format-agnostic,
and should work with any SWF format version.

* * *

Note on Alchemy 2 support: I do plan to support Alchemy 2 when it
would be available. Since I do not know anything about its API yet, I
can't estimate anything.

* * *

Note on Adobe AIR: I see that Native Extensions for Adobe AIR provide
introspection interface similar to what Adobe Alchemy provides. This
means that it should be possible to create an AIR native extension,
that would provide API similar to Lua Alchemy, but would be much
faster. I plan to poke this, but no ETA as well.

* * *

Remember, if you want your pet feature to be implemented in Lua
Alchemy faster, you may want to sponsor it. ;-)

* * *

All and any feedback welcome.

Thank you, everyone, for your support,

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