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Jeremey Wise

Aug 13, 2019, 9:08:34 AM8/13/19
to lsyncd

I have a three node cluster file system.  I am building out a lot of various things and so need simple method which will allow me to have open and change files from my Windows system to the servers.  99% of files are small txt files.  Configuration files where I change with open files in notepad+ and save.. and then need to have it sync down to the three cluster nodes, so I can test

Ex:  vi /sw2/clusterfiles/cluster_hosts   -> Add some new DNS entry...  and that common cluster DNS is called by all three nodes to shim into VMs as /etc/hosts when deployed.

So Source CAN be windows client writting to SMB
OR any of the three Centos Linux nodes via the common path

And based on time stamp ... latest will push and overwrite,  push and delete , push and get new files (AKA two way sync with timestamp as key field)

so the service lsyncd  just need to watch for file change date  and sync.

I am beginning to think this will not work as it expects trigger from file system write that file changed and to PUSH only.   But only that it is not time based (vs trigger) how is this different then rsync? 

This has no remote network needs.. all paths are mounted and so "local", I just need time based sync based on set interval, and or file write trigger.


Stanley Chow

Aug 17, 2019, 2:57:18 AM8/17/19
I am only started to get into it. As I understand it, lsync tracks file operations (by using inotify), rsync looks at timestamp and size.

In theory, lsync is more efficient and has no need of checking all files.

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