lsyncd don't update data from softlinks

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Aug 24, 2022, 10:17:34 PM8/24/22
to lsyncd

I am trying to synchronize two folders, the source contains only soft links to logs, when I start the process or restart it, it updates the destination with the files (it converts the links to file) but then it does not update them again. I guess it is because it does not detect the changes in the files because they are softlinks.I am trying to make it run every second but I can't get it to run. Any idea?

Version: 2.2.3

settings {
         logfile = "/var/log/lsyncd.log",
         statusFile = "/var/log/lsyncd/lsyncd.status",
         maxProcesses = 8,
         maxDelays = 0,
         inotifyMode = "CloseWrite or Modify",
         nodaemon   = false
 sync {
         source = "/var/log/containers/",
         target = "/logs/containers/",
         delete = false,
         delay  = 0,
         rsync  = {
                copy_links = true,
                compress   = false,
                whole_file = false,
                inplace    = true,
                update     = true,
                checksum   = true,
                owner      = false,
                archive    = true,
                perms      = true,
                group      = true,
                xattrs     = false
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